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National Metalwares LogoNational Metalwares, powered by UPG, understands your dedication to providing the best products. With that, we  know you don’t have time to deal with unreliable quality or unpredictable turnaround times. When you partner with National Metalwares, you’re partnering with a company that values personal client relationships and customer service. Because of our vertical integration, blended sourcing strategy and manufacturing flexibility, we deliver quality products, everytime.



Vertical Integration

National Metalwares is vertically integrated. In fact, the products we supply are manufactured at our facility with minimal outside processing. This allows us complete control over every step of the manufacturing process.  Above all, this gives you the advantage of lower overall costs and improved lead times.

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Blended Supply Chain

Our very competitive pricing is directly linked to our ability to offer customers a unique blended supply-chain strategy. Through our sourcing office in China, provides the cost benefit of overseas sourcing without the risk associated with overseas production. For instance,  at our Aurora, IL facility, we’re able to back up any possible overseas issues. Therefore, your products will arrive at your location without interruption.

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Quality Through Experience

Based on decades of steel fabrication experience, we deliver true, quality products, tailored to your design specifications. In addition, our stringent review process, carefully finalizes all design plans. This eliminates potential issues before assembly ever takes place. In conclusion, this ensures each product launch will be exactly as you planned.

Engineering and Quality

Forging a Partnership

Our clients aren’t just customers – they are our partners. The day-to-day decisions are always based on helping each client stay on top of changing market forces. We understand the dynamic changes within your industry.

Our Values

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