Lamination Specialties

Lamination Specialties is a specialist in fabricating electrical steel laminations. Their products are produced using the strictest manufacturing processes that meet or exceed industry standards. LS is committed to understanding and exceeding the quality requirements and expectations of their customers.


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Lamination Specialties is a leading innovator within the industry. With a product portfolio that includes the highest quality transformer laminations, motor laminations, specialty steels, and value-added products including Mitre Cut Cores and Distributed Gap Cores.

  • Progressive and Compound Stamping: Specializing in producing a wide range of electrical steel laminations for a variety of products and industries, Lamination Specialties has the expertise in-house to work with a customer and design and produce laminations to meet most customer specifications. They can produce laminations in thicknesses ranging from 0.011” to 0.060” while holding a typical flatness of 0.001” per inch of lamination. Learn More
  • Electrical Steel: Lamination Specialties is a full-service supplier of electrical steel since 1956, specializing in Grain Oriented (GO) (ASTM A876), Non-Grain Oriented (NGO) (ASTM A677 or ASTM A683), and Cold Rolled Motor Lamination (CRML) (ASTM A726). Learn More
  • In addition, LS provides solutions for companies looking to acquire laminations further processed into finished or semi-finished assemblies. These include Distributed Gap (GP) Cores, Cut Cores, Miter Cut Laminations, Welded Cores, and Taped & Assembled Shunts Learn More
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Lamination Specialties is a self-contained provider of raw materials, processes, and services necessary to manufacture finished laminations, slit stock and various value-added services. this includes:

  • Slitting: Capability to produce slit coils in thicknesses of 0.007” to 0.060” and widths from 0.750” to 60.000”
  • Cut-to-length: Cut into lengths up to a maximum of 120”
  • Progressive and Compound Stamping: Lamination Specialties has 30+ progressive presses in a variety of sizes and specifications
  • Welding:  6-axis robotic capability for both TIG and MIG welding and robotic welding
  • Annealing: Two continuous roller hearth annealing furnaces
  • Tool & Die:  Capable of adapting customer owned tooling to the presses or in assisting in the acquisition of new tooling
  • Packaging: Storage and handling procedures ensure part quality and magnetic property retention, with careful consideration in placement and loading to minimize any external stress or damage to packaging
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