Chicago Steel

Chicago SteelWith a strong reputation of great customer service, Chicago Steel is the leader in toll processing. To begin with, being strategically located in Gary, IN, allows the to ship and receive numerous trucks and railcars daily. In fact, our mission is to continually improve quality levels, processing efficiency and all related services to insure total customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

At Chicago Steel, Customers Come First

Customers count on Chicago Steel to treat their processing needs with efficiency, care and competitive pricing. As a result, this has elevated us to be the industry leader in toll processing. In fact, partnership is at the center of everything we do – with our customers, employees and suppliers. Above all, by utilizing this philosophy, we can dissolve the barriers normally created at other toll processors

Setting the Industry’s Flatness Standard

We have a proven ability to ensure superior flatness and surface inspection. This strive for excellence yields sustained cost savings for our customers through improved productivity. In fact, Chicago Steel guarantees five I-units of shape, a precise specification for flatness. In addition, we can significantly improve the shape for many ultra-high strength steel grades.

Driving the Future of Toll Processing

Chicago Steel has positioned itself from a technological and innovation standpoint to continue its upward trajectory of processing flat roll products to meet our customers’ specifications. In fact, our equipment enables us to process HRP&O, CR, HDG and GN, while providing excellent shape, width and burr control. Furthermore, the 72” slitter contains an inline Herr Voss strand extension leveler for shape correction. Finally, the Cincinnati cut-to-length line can produce precision blanks and provides great shape correction for thicker light gauge product.


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